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Register a Domain

New Domain Management Interface:  Domains.Delaware.Net

You can now search, register, renew, and manage your domain names using our new domain name interface.  This interface enables you to register all popular domain types, including:  .COM, .NET. .ORG, .US, .INFO, and many others.  You always own your own domain names, and our system will remind you when your domains are coming up for renewal automatically.   Our domain name interface works directly with our registrar, so that you get the best possible performance.  We don't charge any fees on top of this process, so this is offered as a convenience for our customers who want to have better control over their domain names.

Moving a Domain Name to Delaware.Net

If you registered your domain name with another registrar (like GoDaddy), and you would like for us to host your website, then all you will need to do is log into your domain name management interface with your current registrar, and change the DNS settings to point that domain name at our servers.   We have a step-by-step guide on how to move websites to us.

For those of you that are experts, here are our DNS addresses:


Search Engine Optimization Tip

Search engines now look at the age of your domain names, AND how far into the future they are registered.   Domain names that are within a year of expiration may not come up high in Google and other search engines.   You can add up to ten years to your domain name registrations, but our recommendation is that you have at least three years on all of your important domain names.   Critical domain names (like your company names) should perhaps have 5-10 years on each, so that they are not in jeopardy of expiring each year.  This will also help with your search engine rankings.