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ebay Store Integration

Store-Logic has the ability to sync with your ebay Store to allow you to send your e-commerce products to your ebay store. This integration prevents the need to re-enter data and cuts down on listing fees by allowing your images to be hosted on your e-commerce site.

Step 1: Create an ebay Account

You have to options for selling on ebay, create an ebay Web Store or use a regular ebay seller account depending on the the volume of ebay sales you will have. Go to ebay's web store site to decide which option is right for you and to create your account.

Step 2: Authorize

  1. Login to your Store-Logic e-commerce admin
  2. Go to the ebay settings page in Store-Logic > Inventory > Data Feeds > ebay
  3. Click on the authorize button to start the authorization process (you will be redirected to an ebay sign-in page)
  4. Enter your ebay user name and password.
  5. Click the "I agree" button on the next page to authorize Store-Logic to interact with your ebay store.

Step 3: Set up ebay in your store

Once you have completed the authorization process (step 2) you will be redirected to your ebay store admin page (Store-Logic > Inventory > Data Feeds > ebay). This page gives you the ability to enable ebay in your store and choose which shipping options you would like to use to ship your items posted to ebay.

Step 4: Start uploading products to ebay

All products in your store must be manually uploaded to ebay due to listing costs and options. Follow the steps below to post an item to ebay.

  1. Go the product edit page for the product you wish to publish.
  2. Make sure all of the product data and images are up to date and what you want published to ebay.
  3. Click on the Send to ebay icon in the top right of the product edit screen.
  4. Choose the publishing options that apply to this product.
  5. Click Publish to Ebay

Once your product is published to ebay, the ebay icon on the product edit screen will change to show publishing information about this product (ie: listing fees, time remaining, preview link, etc)

Publishing Options and Settings

  • Category: The main category you want the product to appear in
  • Listing Duration: The time the listing will appear on ebay (this affects the listing fee for this item)
  • Dispatch Duration: The turn-around time for shipping this product to the customer
  • Return Accepted: determines if this item is eligible to be returned or not
  • Return Type: The retunr option supported for this item
  • Flat Shipping Rate: The flat rate you will charge to ship this item. If there is a value in this field, the calculated rates will be overridden.
  • Free Shipping: Checking this box will mark this item as free shipping.
  • Additional Handling: The handling fee applied to the product. This field is not required, leave it blank to have no handling fee on this product
  • Paypal Email Address: If you want to use your paypal account as a payment option, enter your paypal email address in this box. Leave it blank if you do not want to use your paypal account.
  • Custom Categories: If you have an ebay store hooked to your ebay seller account and you have custom categories in your store, this option lets you choose which custom categories to put the items in.