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Web Design Questions

How much does it cost to have Delaware.Net build a web site for my company?

Every web site is different, so there is no flat fee that applies to all web site design projects. Beware of web design firms that quote pre-packaged prices or offer you a quote without listening to your needs.  Our quotes are by the project, and NOT by the hour. Your first step to receiving a quote for your project is to to complete our quote request form so that we can learn about your needs. Once we get the completed form, we will call you to discuss your project.

Can I move my existing website to your CMS?

Yes.   We can help you to move just about any website to our CMS.  Typically what is involved, is that we have to make special design files (known as CSS files) from your website's design.  This typically only takes a couple of days. 

Once this step is complete, your old website's content can be migrated over pretty easily by you, or by us for an additional fee. 

How long does it take to build a new website?

You can see a flowchart of our process here:

For very small websites, the process can take just a few weeks.

For larger projects, the time necessary is typically 60-90 days or less for a medium-sized business.  Large organizations that wish to utilize a committee to manage the site development process usually take longer. You should begin to gather your website content ASAP to minimize potential delays.  Websites that are getting upgrades to a CMS, or an Ecommerce system upgrade can take less time.

Tip: When you gather your content for your website, try to gather all content digitally. In other words, paper should be avoided.  We can work with most digital formats, including PDFs, Word documents, Adobe InDesign, Publisher, Photoshop, Illustrator, EPS images, etc. The more content that you provide digitally at the outset of your project will save you time and money.   If this content is provided when asking for a quote, you will save even more money.

What payment options do you offer for website projects?

Only a partial payment is due to begin your project.  Payments are due at completion milestones listed in our proposals.  Smaller projects are paid in three installments, and larger projects are paid in four installments. 

NEW - Do you offer low-cost websites?

We JUST started rolling this service out in March 2010. 

We have completed a template system that works on top of our professional Content Management System.     What that means, is that for many small startup businesses we can turn-key a website that beats the pants off of other CMS or template companies.

Here are some benefits:

  • Very low setup fees (call for a quote).
  • Quick Setup - in a matter of days.
  • Large selection of designs to start from.
  • Some customization work to add colors, logos, and graphics is included (limited).
  • Complete feature set of our content management system.
  • Quick-start guide to help you build your own pages and content.
  • Email contact forms, video player, image galleries, file download areas, intranet, portfolio applications and much more is all included.
  • Call for more info.
Do you require a long-term hosting contract?

No! Our competitors lock you into an annual hosting agreement, but we do not.  If you pre-pay for your hosting annually, we give you two months for free.

Do I own my website when it is completed?

Yes. Everything custom-developed for your site belongs to you.  Website production software, and our proprietary web-based applications belong to us.  We will provide you with a backup CD ROM of your project files at the end of your project.  If you wish to move your site to another host, we will assist you with backing up your site to make the move easy.

Can I make changes to my website when it is completed?

Yes! All modern website development companies (including us), build websites on a Content Management System (CMS).   Our CMS is completely full-featured and easy to use, which allows your staff to fully manage your website. If your site doesn't use our applications, then you can login with FTP to gain full access to your code. We provide free demos of our applications.

Have another question for us?

Email us using the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Content Management System (CMS) Questions

Is there a feature list for the CMS?

Yes.  You can find a list of features on the CMS-Logic website here:


Technology Questions and Definitions

How are your databases designed?

Delaware.Net builds databases on both Microsoft SQL Server 2008, as well as MySQL. Our database designs are very normalized (see definition below), which makes our applications very powerful and flexible.  

Normalized Database - database systems that need to be extendible to accommodate many different types of use case scenarios and security policy levels are made flexible by a process of database normalization.   At a high level, database tables are broken down into atomic level data.  For example, a database table for CUSTOMERS that included contact information and security roles for customers would not be considered "normalized" because it would be too difficult to change the table for security scenarios.  Also, this approach leads to performance problems because the entire customer database table would need to be searched every time someone logged in, to gather their security information.   A normalized example of customer data would be to have separate database tables for USERS, GROUPS, PERMISSIONS, ROLES, RIGHTS, etc.  These tables are then linked with "linking tables", which tracks the combinations of security roles that a user might have.   Delaware.Net's database schemas for our on-demand applications are built with this approach to database design.

What happens when I delete data in your applications?

Our applications are built with "soft deletes" on all database tables.  This means that by default, your users cannot physically destroy data from the administration interfaces of our applications.   We sometimes have requests to create a scenario where data can be physically destroyed, and this is not a problem.   Municipalities and other agencies typically have to adhere to Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requirements, which do not allow them to delete data in their websites.   For a legal opinion on data storage, deletion, and recovery, you should contact your organization's attorney.

How secure are your applications?

Our applications are very secure because all access to the administration area of our applications is done through 128bit SSL security links.  This is the same level of encryption as you see in online banking websites.    There is a physical layer of security to our facilities, a firewall for network security, and our staff must pass employment screening.  Physical access to our datacenters, servers, and application code is permitted on an as-necessary basis only.   We offer private servers and Virtual Private Networked (VPN) for clients that would like additional peace of mind with their web applications.  Naturally, adding a dedicated server raises costs.