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Administration - Project Custom Fields

What are custom fields?

Custom fields fall into two categories:

The first is "custom field names". This allows you to change the verbiage of common parts of Team-Logic CRM.

For example, you can change the word "projects" to "orders" if your organization is using projects to process orders over the phone.

The second type is "custom fields". Once given a label within the administrator, these fields will be available when adding or editing a project. If a staff member has input a value for these fields within a project, it will appear in the "Project Details" section of the first project tab. The breakdown of field types are as follows:

  • Custom Check Box
    This custom field will create a yes/no answer within a project. A good example would be "Customer added to billing system?"
  • Custom Number
    This is a numeric (decimal or integer) field. Totals for this field can be shown in user-defined reports
  • Custom Text Field (Searchable)
    This value can be any text. Team-Logic's search functionality will look for matches with this field. A good example would be "Case Number:"
  • Custom Text Field
    This value can be any text.
  • Custom Rich Text Field
    Similar to the custom text field except when editing this value within a project, a full rich-text editor will be available for input
Where can I update custom fields?

You must be an administrator to update project custom fields. Once logged in to your application, click the "Admin" link in the upper right of your screen. From this screen select "Project Custom Fields" in the "Project Management" section.