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Administration - Ticket Admin & Types

What is the ticket admin?

The ticket admin servers two functions for administrators:

  • Create ticket types
  • Configure portal settings regarding tickets


What are ticket types?

Ticket types are simple text values that define the type of ticket. When adding or updating a ticket, the user is required to select this "type" from a list. This list is defined in the "Ticket Admin". A good example of a ticket type would be "Web Applications - Bug Fixes".

Where can I update ticket types and portal options?

You must be an administrator to access the ticket adminstrator. Once logged in to your application, click the "Admin" link in the upper right of your screen. From this screen select "Ticket Admin" in the "Project Management" section.

How do I add a ticket type?

Once in the ticket administrator, there will be an "Add Type" section on the left side. Enter a name for this ticket type.

How do I change portal options for tickets?

Once in the ticket administrator, portal options will appear on the right. The following choices can be updated:

  • Submission Notification Email
    A comma-delimited list of emails to notify if a ticket is submitted through the contact portal.
  • "Add Ticket" page content
    This content will be displayed on the "Add Ticket" form within the portal. This is a great place to display policies and billable rates. Make sure to click the "Active?" checkbox to enable this text.