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What are invoices?

Invoices can be created through projects, tickets or create manually. They are a simple way to keep track of invoices that have been created as a result of work done through tickets and projects.

Who can access invoices?

To view invoices the staff member must have the "Administrator" or "Invoices" security permission.

How do I access invoices?

Once logged in to your application, select "Invoices" from the "Team-Logic CRM" dropdown. This dropdown will appear by hovering over the "Team-Logic CRM" tab. From the main invoice screen you will be able to view billed and pending invoices.

How do I add an invoice?

There are three ways to add an invoice:

  • An invoice can be created from a project's "Time" tab. Select all time entries to be included in the invoice and click the "Add Invoice" button at the bottom. This will bring up a dialog with a summary of all time tracking and a total time. This amount and total time may be adjusted before submitting.
  • An invoice can similarly be created from a ticket's "Time" tab in the same manner.
  • An invoice can be created and modified from the "Invoices" admin.