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What is a project?

A project is the largest component of Team-Logic CRM. You can add notes, send emails, assign tasks, manage clients and track time from a project. Projects also have built-in security to allow certain users different levels of access. Your clients can view and contribute to a project from the client portal (if enabled).

Here are some good examples of projects:

  • A new sales inquiry
  • A large R&D project, you would like your staff to track time and share information
  • A contractor building a house, uploading CAD files and communicating with the client. Your managers log in and track time for tasks such as electrical or plumbing.
Who can access a project?

Anyone with permissions can access a project.

Permissions come in three ways:

  • The staff member has the "Administrator" permission and can access every project.
  • The staff member was added to the project and given permissions (See "How do I assign staff members to a project and set their security levels?")
  • The staff member inherits permissions from the group membership and the project type's group permissions. (See "Editing Project Type - What are group permissions?" within the "Administration - Project Types" category)


How do I add a project?

Once logged in to your application, select "Projects" from the "Team-Logic CRM" dropdown. This dropdown will appear by hovering over the "Team-Logic CRM" tab. You are now in the main project dashboard. Click the "Add project" button in the upper right corner of the header.

At the very least give the project a name and select a type. You may also add a new or existing client/ organization. The step is optional as you will be able to add clients and an organization after the project is created.

How do I change basic information or delete a project?

Firstly, you must be an administrator of the project. Click on the "edit" button on the first project tab, "Details". This button is located in the header of the "Project Details" box. From this dialog you may change dates, status, type and description of the project. You may also delete the project.

How do I change the type or status of the project?

Note you must be a project administrator to change the type and status. To change these options you may use the project edit dialog outlined in the question above. There are also drop-downs in the "Project Details" section of the first project tab. Select the appropriate type and status using these drop downs.

How do I send an email / add a note?

The project system creates notes whenever you send an email. This is a great way to have a record of sending an email. You have two options:

  1. Click the "Add Note" button in the header of the "Notes" section of the first project tab. This is a very basic option, you can send your note to all project clients and staff.
  2. Click the "Send Email" button in the same place as above. This is a more robust option because you can select individual recipients and attach files that are uploaded to the project. Sending emails in this manner will also create a "Note" record.
How do I upload a file?

Click the "add file" button in the "Files" section of the first project tab. Click the "browse" button in the upload dialog to browse your hard drive and select a file. It is recommended you create a "File Label" to keep track of the file's purpose.

How do I assign staff members to a project and set their security levels?

Note you must be a project administrator to change staff options. Within the first project tab click "manage members" in the "Staff" section. Click the check boxes next to any staff you would like to add. You will need to choose from the following access levels, as are explained below:

  • Grant Administrative Rights*
    The user can modify any settings and delete this project.
  • Grant Project Member Rights*
    The user can manage notes, tasks, files and time but not change the basic project settings.
  • Grant View-Only Rights*
    The user can only view the project.
  • Explicitly Revoke All Permission*
    The user will explicitly not be able to view a project.
  • Remove Project Association*
    User is removed from the project and access is based on any "project type" security or Administrator rights.

*Note a user with the "Administrator" security level will automatically be able to view any project.

How do I associate clients to a project and what do their permissions do?

You can associate any number of clients to a given project. Once added they will be able to log into the client portal to view/update the project. You will also be able to easily email these clients through notes.

To add an existing client click the "Add Existing" button in the "Clients" section of the first project tab. You will be prompted with a search box. Enter the client's name or email and click search. This will return a list of clients matching these criteria. Check the client(s) you would like to add and click the "Add Selected" button. Clients will then be added to the project.

To add an existing client click the "Add Existing" button in the "Clients" section of the first project tab. Enter appropriate client information. At the very least add the name and email of the client.

When editing or adding a client there will be a "Permissions" tab. This governs what information the client can see or add if they log into the client portal.  By default, all options are checked. Note that clients cannot view "Locked" notes or files regardless of these permissions.

How do I assign project tasks to staff members?

Click the "Add Task" button on the "Tasks" section of the first project tab. From this dialog you will be able to create a title and description of the task in addition to status and dates. Select each employee the task will be assigned to. These tasks will be displayed on the staff member's "My Project Tasks" section of the project dashboard.

How do I track time on a project?

There are two ways to track time within a project.

The first and most convenient way is to simply add time when adding project notes. There will be a field for time in the lower left corner of the add note dialog. You will also be asked to input an hourly rate. This defaults to the "Billable Hourly Rate" that can be modified in the "My Profile" page. Adding time to the note will create a "copy" of the note content in time a tracking entry. These entries available in the "Time" tab of the project.

The second method is to add time directly. Click the "Add Time Tracking" button in the upper right corner of the "Time" project tab. You will be able to put the time amount and a description of the time. There will also be status choices for the time tracking, this is also available when editing a time entry. The status choices are as follows:

  • Not Invoiced
    The time tracking will be added to the invoice-able total when the "Invoice Selected" button is clicked on the time tab.
  • Invoiced
    Time is already counted as invoiced, it will not be added if creating an invoice.
  • Non-Billable
    Time does not have an hourly rate and will not be added to cost totals on the time tab. It will also not be added to invoices.