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ILC Dover and DoverPac are local companies with a global reach. ILC Dover designs and builds products for NASA and the Department of Defense, as well as other commercial companies. DoverPac  supports the Pharmaceutical and BioPharmaceutical industries with disposable systems engineered to contain powder transfers from nanogram levels.

The company wanted a complete redesign of their websites but they wanted to control them from one CMS. They wanted a clean look and have it much easier to navigate. They also wanted the ability to make edits themselves to all the pages and it's content and be able to utilize the benefits of SEO.

We were able to meet all their needs and more. The new websites are all managed from the same Content Management System but can still keep their separate urls for ILC Dover and DoverPac. The new design is much more user friendly with easy to navigate menus and breadcrumbs to show where you are at within the site. The large slide shows are great to showcase their unique products that they offer and can be linked directly to the interior product pages. This can all be managed through the CMS. They also have the benefit of our built in SEO tools to help them boost their google rankings.

They have mentioned many times how pleased they are with the ease of use of the CMS and how the site is much more user friendly.