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Technology and Utilities

Since we are a technology company ourselves, we realize that most technology companies are so busy helping clients, that sometimes their own web site is lacking.    Companies that compete for proposals also run the risk of losing a contract if their web site is not up to the competion.   Even if your technology company doesn't sell products online, it can stil be a great way to showcase your projects and clients. has a turn-key portfolio management system that lets you manage your online project portfolio in minutes.


• CMS (Content Management System)
• Google maps
• Custom Web Design
• Mass email newsletter

Sustainable Energy Utillity

Sustainable Energy Utillity came to with a specific need. They needed to move their current site to a provider that will allow them to make updates and changes on their own.


Pre-Tech came to us looking for a redesign of their website and a way to manage their site themselves. We worked with them to come up with a new design and then built it on our CMS to give them the functionality they needed to manage their site. They have been able to use the social networking integration to promote their business on facebook and twitter.

ILC Dover and DoverPac

ILC Dover and DoverPac is very pleased with the complete redesign of their two websites. They love the ease of navigation and the user friendly expereince. The Content Management System the site is built on makes edits so easy a space chimp could do it.