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Intranet Dashboard

The "Intranet Dashboard" is the first page you are presented with when logging in to your application. It provides "widgets" that give you information and let you perform common tasks across all application suites (Team-Logic CRM, CMS-Logic, Mail-Logic, Store-Logic).

Table of Contents

Intranet Pages

CMS-Logic managers can create intranet pages to share information and files with users. The intranet pages are located as shown below. Simply click on these items to view the content.

Intranet Pages Administration Guide


If given permission, you may be able to edit an intranet page. If available, click the "Edit" button as show to update the page's content.

Edit Intranet Page


Quick Add

The quick add bar allows you to easily add common intranet items like Tasks, Notes and Alerts. Simply click on the drop-down and make your choice.

Quick Add Button


Message of the Day

Message of the day allows CMS managers to show important messages to users. If the message of the day has been minimized by you, it will open full size if a manager changes the content.

Click the "minus" button to minimize the message of the day.

MOTD Administration Guide

Message of the Day Minimize



Widgets are small applications that help you use your intranet and apps. A default configuration will be set the first time you log in. Below is an example of the "Team-Logic News and Updates" widget.

Team-Logic News Widget

Manipulating Widgets

Widgets have 4 main buttons as outlined below

Widget Parts

A. Edit / Move widget - Clicking with bring up a menu with more options

  • Edit widget - Click to edit the name and any additional settings for this widget
  • Move Left - Move left in relation to other widgets
  • Move Right - Move right in relation to other widgets
  • Move Up - Move up in relation to other widgets
  • Move Down - Move down in relation to other widgets
  • Remove Widget - Delete widget from the list, you can add the widget again at any time

B. Refresh widget - This will refresh any content in the widget. This is useful for widgets that change frequently, like the RSS (News) feed widget.

C. Show/Hide widget - Click the plus or minus signs to show or hide the widget content. This setting will be saved the next time you load the dashboard.

D. Maximize widget - Maximizing the widget will allow it to take up the entire dashboard page. Click the button again to return to normal size.

Adding New Widgets

To add new widgets click on the add button in the upper right corner of the dashboard

Add Widget

After the add widget screen pops up, select the radio button of the widget you would like to add. Click "Add Selected Widget", your widget will be added to the dashboard. You can then move the widget to the desired area.

Saving and Sharing Widget Views

Saving your Current View

Widget "views" can be saved. This" view" will save what widgets are present, settings for those widgets and  the position of those widgets.

This is useful for:

  • Creating a view that someone with a similar workflow (IE "Sales") would find useful
  • Saving personal views you can switch between

To save your current configuration click the "Save View" button in the upper right corner. You will be able to enter a view name (IE "Sales View") and be presented with 3 choices:

  • Only I can use this view - This view will be available in your list of saved views, but not in anyone else's
  • All Staff can use this view - Any intranet users will see this view
  • Only Staff in certain Departments and Roles can use this view - After clicking this radio button, you will be able to select specific groups and departments. This would be used if the view you want to share would only be useful for the "Sales" department.

Changing your Widget View

After you or others have saved a few widget views, you will be able to change your current view. Start by clicking "Change View" in the upper right corner of the dashboard. Select the view you would like to change to and click "change view". You can also delete saved views from this window.