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Step 1. Enter Company Information

Note: To complete this setup you must have "Administrator" privileges.

Basic Settings

Your first step in setting up your Team-Logic system, is entering your company's information.  this should take approximately 5 minutes. Click on the "admin" link at the top of your Intranet, and then click on the "Intranet Settings" icon.   It should look like this: 

Which will bring you to a screen that looks like this: 

Instance Info Screen

Basic Information
This form updates simple information about your company, that is used throughout the system.   If your company has more than one office, then use the home office information for this step.  

Logo Upload
The logo is used at the top of the system, and is not resized when you upload it.  So it is important to choose a logo that isn't too tall.   If you don't upload a logo, then the top of your Intranet will have the Team-Logic logo by default. 

Internal User Name
For most of our clients, the users of the Intranet system are known as "Staff" members.  You can change this name, which is referenced throughout the system. 

External User Name
This is "clients" by default, and this is the name of your clients or contacts.   It is the word you describe for people that are your customers.   If your organization is a municipality, then you would rename this to "citizens".

External Organization Name
It is important to know that your customers (people, known as contacts), and the companies that they work for (organizations, or clients) are separated.   This is because you can have situations where a contact is associated with more than one company, and it makes the system more flexible.    The downside of this is that when you enter a customer into the system, you would typically add the company that they work for first, then add them as a contact and link them to the company.   We have made this easy, and it is discussed later. 

Team-Logic CRM Considerations

Your company logo will also appear to clients on the customer portal (step 5) and in the submission of any custom forms. Make sure it is professional! Your "External Users" can be linked to projects and tickets, if your staff calls them something other than clients, you will want to change the label to prevent confusion. For example, of you are an elected official managing public complaints, you may change this to "constituents".

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