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Step 3. Create Staff Logins

I need to do this if.....

  • More than one person needs to log in to and use the application

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What are Staff?

Staff are privileged users that work for your organization. These users have an email and password that they use to log into your application.  Staff members can only be added by administrators.   When you add a staff member, you need to edit their security to use the system.  Click here to see detailed information on staff security.

Adding Staff Members

To add staff members click on "Admin" in the top right of your screen, then on "Staff" within the "Security and Configuration" section.

Once in, to add a staff member click on the the "Add Staff" button. From here you can enter staff information.

At the very least you will need to enter:

  • General Tab - The member's name, email, and desired password.
  • Group Tab - Any departments or roles for this user. Groups are outlined in step 2.
  • Security Tab - Security roles this user can access. Click here for a detailed list.

Team-Logic CRM Considerations

Assign staff members to appropriate internal groups you created in the previous step. Do this by clicking on the "Groups" tab. This will be used later to set up group-based security for project types. If you would like the user to view CRM reports or invoices, you will select permissions in the "Security" tab. Note that giving a staff member access to reports will allow them to see project data they may otherwise not have access to.

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