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How to Move a Website to Us

1. Create an Account

Please call us at 888-432-7965 from 8:30AM EST to 5:30PM EST to have us setup your hosting account.  Our www. and our Team-Logic CRM software can be setup automatically online at   After we set up your account, you will receive a welcome e-mail with your account login information. If you need to search for a new domain name, you can do that at We can host almost any website, server software, or hosting environment.  Please call us if you have questions, or email your custom requirements to

2. Backup Your Site

If you are moving a website to us, you should backup all of your website files, images, and databases before moving your site. We offer a backup service for $10 where we will download your live site from another host and burn a backup CD ROM of your website for you. If you need help creating a new website, you can get a free online quote from our sales team.

3. Upload Files

Upload your web files to your Delaware.Net hosting account. Even if your domain name is not moved here yet, we will assist you with getting your hosting space setup so that you can login and upload your website files.

4. Modify Domain Registration (DNS Settings)

If your domain is not registered through Delaware.Net, you will need to modify your domain name registration to point it at our DNS servers. To do this, you should log into your domain name registrar's website and set your DNS servers to the following settings:

After you change your domain's name server settings, it can take 24–48 hours for this change to spread across the Internet. Usually it changes at 7PM the day you make the change. To determine if your registration or transfer has been completed, look up your domain name in the Whois Database located at: or at When the registration or transfer is complete you will see the below name servers listed at the bottom of your domain record.

5. Create Email Accounts

Create your e-mail accounts through our Control Panel using the information that we sent you via e-mail.

6. Setup Email Programs on Your Computers

Configure your e-mail client to accept mail from your domain name. Most sites are automatically setup to receive e-mail at for both SMTP and POP3.  If you would like to use another email service for your domain name, we can accomodate that as well.

7. Test Your New Site

Visit and test your site 24–48 hours after you update your DNS entries (step 4) to verify that all pages load correctly and any scripts function properly.

All Done!

Your site is now live! If you are moved your website from another host, you can close your account at your previous web host when your new website is ready for action. Access your Control Panel using the username and password in your welcome e-mail whenever you need to submit a support request, add new services, or review and manage your account information.

Thank you for choosing Delaware.Net.  You can always call us toll-free if you need live help. 888-432-7965.