SEO - Team Logic Help System


SEO is an acronym for the term "Search Engine Optimization"

What it is:
SEO refers to the work done to analyze and edit many different elements of a web page's structure and content to improve the page's search engine ranking in Google and other search engines.  Google looks at over 200 aspects of page, both within the code of the page, and also in regards to how other websites link to each page (known as off-page SEO).   

How to Improve SEO:
Delaware.Net takes great care to implement and continually improve features in our applications to make them come up higher in search engines.   Brief SEO training comes with the standard training of each website that we build.  An additional two hours of advanced SEO training is also available for an additional fee. 

It is important to realize that SEO work isn't something that you do once, or "fix".  Once your site has been optimized, it will take an ongoing process over time to come up higher in search engines. We have clients that dominate Google's organic (free) search results, and we know most of the tricks to make this happen.  The BAD news for you - the marketing person or website owner, is that you will need to make sure that your organization continually develops content for your websites. 

Some SEO Tips:

  • Always enter a descriptive page title for each page in your site, that relates to the content on that page.
  • Use no more than 70 characters for page titles.
  • Use Headline Tags, but use only one H1 tag for each page. Our CMS can make these automatically.
  • Register your domain name for at least 3 years into the future (you can go up to 10).
  • Get your business partners to link to your site from their sites (inbound links are critical).
  • Add a blog if you can manage to write a post a month, then add the word "blog" to your navigation.
  • Make sure your news, calendars, and blog posts have RSS feeds.
  • When you post articles, add a backlink from,,,, etc.
  • Create a Facebook business page, and update it regularly with articles, news, and links to your blog.
  • Register a Twitter account (tweets are now indexed by Google) and enter the login into your CMS.

For more information, contact the Delaware.Net sales team.