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How Do I Manage My Website?

Years ago, only a web designer could manage website content using software such as Adobe's popular Dreamweaver application.  The problem with this method is that only IT staff, web designers, and programmers could edit web pages and online content easily.   Other programs like Adobe Contribute made this better, but it was still too difficult for customers to add dynamic content.   The problem of having a bottleneck for website updates grew as websites became more central to business processes.

Enter the CMS

As we added more and more small custom applications to customer websites, it became obvious that our customers would benefit more if we took ALL of our applications (over 50 of them) and combined them into one turn-key system - a Content Management System (known as a CMS).  This would eliminate a lot of the custom programming necessary to have a very dynamic website, and it would make it possible for us to give new features to our customers easily at no charge.  In 2007, we assembled our new CMS and rebuilt ALL of our applications using the latest technology.  The result?  Our world-class CMS now powers hundreds of websites for organizations across America, with new features added for all customers automatically every month.  Open-source solutions don't get the automatic feature updates like our system provides, and they require plugins from many different sources.

Who can use our CMS?

Virtually any website can be hosted on our CMS.  We don't have to design your website for you to use our CMS for your website.   You can move your website to us, or have us build a new website, or bring your design to us and we will help you launch it on our CMS.  Our CMS has its own CSS design template system, so your website will need to use our CSS for it to work.  All of these files are provided for your designers if you want to assemble your layout templates on your own.

CMS Features and Demos

For the latest information on CMS Features, visit or call us and we will give you are live web demo of the system.

CMS Hosting Fees

CMS-Logic is offered a flat rate for only $50 per month, which includes training, live phone support, and free monthly feature upgrades. Add-ons are available for specific industry verticals (such as municipalities), and are priced separately.

Getting Started

Contact the Delaware.Net sales team at or call 888-432-7965 for mroe information.